How to Make Vietnamese Spring Rolls

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your ingredients!

whatever asian sauces you have in your fridge. get fancy and make your own peanut sauce.

cube your tofu block and pan fry in a bit of olive oil and sesame oil.

sizzlin tofu. turn to brown 4 sides.

slice up cucumber into thin pieces.

cucumber slices.

add vermicelli noodles to boiling water for a minute to soften them, strain.

cooked vermicelli noodles.

cooked crispy tofu cubes.

take a rice paper wrapper and place gently into a bowl of warm water and move around for 10 seconds until it is soft.

dip it in like this.

place a little of each ingredient onto your wrapper. not too much!

how to assemble your spring roll.

serve with some sauces for dipping.

Watch the video: How to Make Vietnamese Fresh Shrimp Spring Rolls with Spicy Lime Fish Sauce Dipping

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