How to Create a Lightbulb Fish Tank

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In order to hollow out the bulb, please check out my guide titled "How To Hollow Out a Lightbulb"!

This is the largest globe bulb I could find. The frosting doesn't matter because it can easily be rinsed away with cold water.

Check with your local aquarium store for a fish that can do well in limited space...ask the store to give you care instructions as well!

Before we fill the bulb with rocks, water, and the fish, we need a stand. To do this, use a solo cup.

We are going to cut out the top of the lid, where the first line is at.

Apply steady pressure, and make as clean of a cut as possible. NOTEBe careful while cutting!

If your edges aren't perfect, don't worry because you will be able to cover up the imperfections with the black tape.

Now start wrapping the tape around the stand.

This is what the stand should look like.

Now add the rocks to the bulb after you've rinsed them. After that, fill 3/4 of the bulb with water. Let the water reach room temperature before you place the fish in the bulb!

To get the fish into the bulb, slowly pour the water from the holding container into the bulb. The fish should go easily into the bulb.

NOTEIf the bulb opening is sharp, put tape over the sharp edge while poring so the fish is unharmed. After the fish is successfully in the bulb, peel the tape off.

And there you have it, one happy fish! Again, please check with your local aquarium store for a fish that can do well in limited space.


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