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Your supplies mainly- a black pen liquid liner preferably with a soft flexible tip. The rest of the supplies are optional.

Tight lining is mostly often use for those who like to achieve natural eye make-up. I would curl my lashes an apply mascara and no liner on the bottom lashes. Just add brown eyeshadows and blend it.

Tight lining? - lining your eyes closer to your lashes. Very thin application. Use this if you want to a achieve bigger eyes with more natural results. Start lining in the middle of your eye.

Continue to line towards the outer eye. Then go back from the inner eye and connect it. Just like above. Leave room to add your white liner on the inner corner.

Thick lining? Put a dot in the middle. Use this as a guide where to make a thick line and where to slope for your inner corner like a triangle. Use this for bolder look or for smaller eyes.

The difference between tight lining and thick lining. Natural vs bold. If you are using a bold mascara and don't want a dramatic look use tight lining.

Winged out lining? For more dramatic and bolder look. Make a triangle and shade it. Just like the pix above.

White Liner?. Use an angle eye liner brush and brush some from your white liner pencil. then add it just under the black winged lined eyes. Use black shadow for the 3/4 part of bottom lashes.

How to take white liner from your pencil.

Closer look

With my MAC lipstick snob

Line your waterline with your white eyeliner to achieve an illusion of bigger eyes.

No white liner under the wing? This is my everyday look. With gloss

More define white liner on my waterline

White liner without winging it out vs winging it out.

Tight lining , thick lining, winged white liner, no white wing

Day look- light eyeshadow . And I'm using the new Bare minerals cool colors for night time. Night look- bolder, matted grey color, and berry lipgloss with pink blush and added plum liner on top.

Watch the video: These 3 Easy WINGED EYELINERS FOR HOODED EYES are a must try!!


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