How to Make a Banana Apple Smoothie!

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Gather ingredients! Yay! (ice not pictured, 'cuz we ran out at home)

Cut banana into however many pieces you like! I cut mine in half, but I guess it depends on the size of your blender...

Cut apple in half. Halve the halves. And so on and so forth. Have fun with this! Sing a song!

Add 1 cup yogurt.

Yay, milk! Add about two cups. Blender sizes are different, though, and one cup of milk was a lot for my blender.

This is the one I use. It's old. Like, prehistoric.

Add ice! Blend until smooth.

Pour into cup and enjoy a sweet treat! :3 Be open to new flavours and fruits. Mix it up a little. Have fun, sing a song and all that jazz.

Bye bye!

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