How to Make a Cute Magnetic Makeup Board!

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Turn this into a neat, organized and fun way to store your makeup!

Size your sheet metal according to the frame size. Mine was 11x13.5 ....a little smaller is always better than too big!

Lay fabric lightly over material to get a rough estimate of the size you need to cut it.

Get your hot glue gun out and start warming it up..BE CAREFUL!

Hot glue the material to the back of the sheet metal. I doubled my material so the glue wouldn't seep through the fabric. Make sure the corners are extra secure

Insert sheet metal covered in fabric into the frame and secure with latches attached to frame. Make sure it's a pretty snug fit with some cardboard :)

Go ahead and start adhering the magnets to the chosen makeup I used 2 magnets per piece for the bigger ones so they were more secure. Hot glue any you are worried about coming off.

Finished product...balance the weight evenly and enjoy!!!

Watch the video: DIY Easy Magnetic Board u0026 Glitter Magnets. by Michele Baratta


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