How to Make a Pencil Stand Out of a Used Soda Can, Using Decoupage

You need a can opener to safely remove the top whothout making any sharp edges

Paint in a colour You want

Get some nice napkins

A Napkin has three layers, remove the two white layers, and keep the last one

Use decoupage glue all over the painted can (make shure the paint i dry)

Cover the can with the napkin while the glue is still wet.

Leave it to dry for a while, at least 15 minutes

Cover the can and napkin in more decoupage glue, so that the napkin is protected. For best result, You may wanna cover it 2-3 times with glue

It looks like very much, but when its dry, it Will turn blank


Put on some decoration. I had some bad luck with my napkin, so im covering it up with som decoration.

Painted star also made from a soda can!

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