How to Create Water Marble Nails

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Here are the supplies you'll need. As a first step, cover all skin around your nail with masking tape to avoid massive clean up.

Paint a basecoat of Recycle.

Unscrew all caps to the polishes so you have easy access to them.

Begin making a bullseye of your three colors in the water by dropping a single drop of polish into the water and allowing each to expand. Repeat around 4-5 times with each color as shown above.

Now take your toothpick and drag it towards the center with a very light touch and repeat until you've made a good amount of petal shapes.

Now dip your nail into the water in whichever place you feel your design looks best.

Blow on the water for 15 seconds before taking your orange stick and using a twirling motion to pick up all of the leftover polish on the surface of the water.

Remove your nail and voila!

Remove the tape from your finger and use a small eyeliner brush dipped in acetone to clean up any excess polish around your cuticles. Allow the design to dry for 15 min before applying a topcoat.

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