How to Make a Avocado and Hummus Veggie Wrap

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Gather all your ingredients

Cut le onion

Spray ze pan and turn on the stove

I add my chopped onions first just cause I like them to be caramelized but if you don't then just add them when you add the other veggies

Cut mushrooms

I also add the mushrooms a little earlier than the rest of the veggies. But I let the onions cook a little bit before I add the mushrooms

Cut bell pepper

Cut squash. Squash is a weird word...squash....sssqqqquuuaaassshhh....howsilly

I like to wait just a smidge bit before adding the rest of the veggies just do the onions and mushrooms can cook a little. But obviously you don't have to if you don't want to.:)

Add all the veggies!!! If you didn't add your onions and mushrooms earlier now would be the time to do so.

I don't have a certain time that I let my veggies cook I just kinda go with how I feel at the moment. Most of the time I let them cook till they get caramelized and delicious. But it's all ⬆ 2 u ;)

If you want them to be fresh and crisp then you don't need to cook them very long but if you want them soft like me it will take just a little bit longer but not much.

When the veggies are to your liking add some rice (I normally do about a handful). Mix it up real good.

While the veggies and rice are mingling cut up your avocado. I did 1/4 of an avocado and cut it up into kinda cubes... And I just realized the picture is upside down:P lol

Spread hummus on the tortilla

Add all those heavenly steaming veggies and throw that ambrosial avocado on top and you are ready to eat!:)

Watch the video: Avocado Hummus! Guacamole+Hummus=Avocado Hummus!

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