How to Cook an Artichoke

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Buy two large artichokes

Peel stickered leaves from stems

This makes it easier to hold by the stems while trimming the stickers from the leaves. Stems can also be left on and enjoyed as an extension of the heart.

With scissors trim the tips off of each leaf until grooming is complete

cut about an inch off the tops and cut stems off (if desired) so the artichoke sits flat.

slightly open allowing to bloom like a flower

Place in pot flower side down and fill half full with water

Add a tablespoon of oil to add a beautiful shine and help prevent boil over

Boil on high for 20 to 30 minutes if covered. May take up to 40 minutes if uncovered.

Turn right side up half way through and check that water level does not boil dry. Artichokes will be done when outside leaves pull off gently or center releases easily from fork.

Serve with mayo sprinkled with lemon pepper and Enjoy!

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