How to Make a Fringe Top DIY

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Get you shirt mine is a Hanes men l size undershirt that I tie dyed

Measure your shirt to where you belly button is I like it a little below my belly button mark a dot NOT A LINE I made that mistake and now there is a lin still showing so just a little tiny dot

Sorry for my breathing I have a bad cold but lay it out nice and flat as much as you can

Again excuse my breathing

Place your heavy thing on the dot to make it straight and hold down the shirt so you don make many mistakes

Cut about and inch to half and inch pieces carefully I did mon quick but they didn't turn out as nice as when I did it slowly

Move the binder as you cut so the shirt is held down

Cut the collar at the line

Watch the video: DIY Halter Tie-Back Crop Top Out of an Old T-Shirt

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