How to Do Galaxy Nails

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First of all apply a base coat to protect and strengthen your nails

When dry apply black nail varnish to your nails, you can use two coats if you like but I use one

Get your pink nail varnish and a cotton bud

Use the brush from the varnish to lightly wet the cotton bud, you don't want it to be soaked

Dab the bud on something (I use the nail varnish lid hehe) to get off any excess varnish

Dab the cotton bud in a diagonal line along your nail

Then get your yellow varnish, use the same cotton but just the other end so as not to waste them. Do the same with the yellow, slightly coat with the varnish then dab to get off any excess

Dab along the pink line, still allowing the pink to show through

And then the blue

Just dab at the top and bottom of the line

Now get your dark green or blue, dab along the edges of your line to blend it in with the black base

You can't tell in this picture but it does work!

Now get your white varnish and your pin, you can also use the nail art pens that have the pen on the end

Dip the pin in the nail varnish

Dab the pin on your nail to create stars

Now get your glitter nail varnish and apply as a top coat over your nails


Now if you have them then plonk on a few gems, you don't have to though


You can even create a totally blinged nail to stand out from the rest of your galaxy/nebular nails :) hope this helped!

Watch the video: Easy Galaxy Tutorial Natasha Harton Nails

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