How to Comic Strip Nails

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Paint nails with base coat & flip through your newspaper to find your comics!

Paint your nails white. This will help the comic really stand out

Cut your strips to fit your nails.

Make sure you have 10!! It's a good idea to have a few more cut out just incase you have any problems later! You'll have a spare comic to save the day

Pour some rubbing alcohol into a little container. Just enough to fill the bottom

Dip your comic into the alcohol

Place & hold onto nail for about 15 seconds.

Peel off to reveal the picture!

Make sure to put a top coat on. It will help your comic stand out much better.

Some of your pictures will show up better than others. But don't worry! If a comic doesn't come out the way you want, just paint over with white & try again! Usually a comic with a lot of color ....

transfers nicely (Good luck!

Watch the video: 4 Time-Saving Tips from a guy who spent 13 YEARS drawing a comic

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