How to Customise an iPhone Case

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Have all your supplies ready! Clean the back of your phone cover with paper tissue!

Lay out the crystals or beads you want to use! The ones I used are AB Swarovski Flat Backed Crystals.

Add a little glue to a scrap piece of card ( I used an old birthday card!)

Using your tweezers, dip the crystal lightly into the glue!

Stick the crystals onto the cover, arrange in any pattern you like! I am creating a scatter effect, with random placement of crystals!

Gently let go of the crystal, be careful not to move the crystal and smudge the glue!

You can, if done quickly, remove any excess glue with the tip of the cotton bud!

If you do make a mistake or smudge the glue, quickly remove the crystal with tweezers and use the tip of the cotton bud to rub away any glue residue!

Keep sticking on crystals and complete your pattern! As you see, by creating a random scatter effect, I have lots of crystals left to customise my other colours of iPhone cover!

The finished cover, leave to dry for 24hrs and enjoy!

Watch the video: Custom SHARPIE Phone case!! SATISFYING!!

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