How to Make a Vase, of a Dead Lightbulb

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Use a knife to cut open the bulb. Cut as close as possible to the black center

Be very careful!! Remove the loose part. Its a wire inside, so You have to pull a bit hard, but dont squeeze the bulb!!!

See the glass sticking out? We are now going to break glass. Peaces of glass may break loose from inside, so be careful

Ok. As You break apar the inside, You also bend the edges on top so it loose better, and dont Get too sharp. Its not hard breaking the glass at all, but it looks like it, cause i have to be gentle

Empty!!! Make shure all glass pieces are out!

Paint it if u like

Decoupage it with Nice napkins if You have some;) make shure to place 4 pieces of gluegun glu under to make it stand ;)

Watch the video: How to make vase - Tree Trunk - Plastic bottle vase - Fax roll craft

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