How to Make Seed Paper With Children

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Assemble supplies.

Tear paper into pieces the size of a nickel. Use paper that is similar weight and color. Soak the paper in water overnight. This is a photo of the paper soaking.

Add soaked paper to a blender. Blend on high speed, occasionally stirring (once the blender stops) with the handle of a wooden spoon. The puréed pulp will look like this.

Use a piece of plastic screen,( typically used for stitchery crafts), and a cookie cutter as your paper mold. Simple cookie cutters work best.

Press pulp into the cookie cutter, holding it in place as you go. Press down on the pulp, spreading it as thin as possible. Water will squeeze out. A layer of newspaper, underneath), will absorb it.

Keep pressing . .

Carefully lift off the cookie cutter.

Lay 3-4 seeds on the shape and press a little more pulp over them to help secure them.

This paper has been dried, on the screen,about 36 hrs.

Kids can place their paper in baggies with directions.

The paper can be soaked in water a few hours, then planted. The paper will biodegrade and the seeds will grow. We used Zinnia seeds that will bloom in July if planted in May.

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