How to Create Angry Birds Nail Art

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Start off with a clear base coat on both your hands. Leave to dry.

Apply the cream French manicure polish too both hands. Leave to dry.

First, the design for your dominant hand (this is a simple design for easy painting). Using the white manicure polish, paint the tips of your nails.

When dry, add colored stripes with the toothpick/nail pen just under the white. Leave to dry.

Apply clear top coat to seal in your design.

Now for the other hand (your non dominant hand). Let's start with the pig. Paint a green circle on your thumb. If your green is see-through like mine it may require a few coats.

Add ears.

Start to paint on a few of the fine details.

Make sure the previous coat is dry before you add the next.

Finish with pupils. When dry, add a clear top coat. That's the piggy done, now for the birds.

When dry, add a clear top coat. And your done! Enjoy :)

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