How to Make Tingas - a Ross Family Recipe

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Gather ingredients

Start your deep fryer on the hottest setting

Warm up the pot roast in the microwave, following the cooking instructions on the pack. *note if meat is frozen double cooking time

Next use a sharp knife to finally shred your roast... Make sure there are no chunks

Shredding process

Add BBQ to taste, the more the better...we use half an 18 oz bottle...and continue shredding

Your meat should look like this

Add a generous amount of the meat mixture to the center of your corn tortilla. There's no particular amount just whatever fancies you :)

CAREFULLY and slowly roll your tortilla, and insert your toothpick (the shells are delicate but taste better than the rest).

Carefully place the tinga into the deep fryer and fry to a crisp

They may open up and won't look perfect, but that's ok :) they're still yummy! Allow time for cooling before eating

Finally dip in sour cream and enjoy!!!!! Mmm

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