How to Fish Cake Fried Noodle

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Chop up the cabbages

Julian the onion

Your choice of Udon noodle or egg noodles

Use a little bit of sliced bamboo

Add some carrots

Boiled and noodle in the boiled water

Heat up the The frying pan and add ginger to the hot pan

Add all the other vegetables to the pan

Slice the fish all. You can find them in Asian grocery store or use other meat you like

At the spice you like. I'm adding Sichuan peppercorn

Add some salt to the noodle. Oh so soy sauce , rice wine and other liquid seasoning

Add brown sugar. Stirfry until cooked,

Here's your stir-fried noodle ! Garnish with cilantro or other herbs. Enjoy!

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