How to Make a Wired Stone Ring

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For this ring you will need a thin wire that is very flexible&a stone of choice. Use it!

Choose the finger of choice and wrap wire for size(but don't cut the wire!!). The more times you wrap it, the cooler the effect

If you want, you can shape the wire on a cylinder object

Depending on your wire it may not stay and will look like this. But don't worry! We'll make this bad boy stay

Before you cut, Leave an extra amount of wire behind to wrap around the stone. Depends on how big your stone is, but just to be safe, leave about a foot of extra wire

Bunch wire together. Grab the smallest end and wrap it around the bunch(make sure the ends not sticking downward unless you want to cut yourself)

With the long wire, wrap it around the bunch so it won't awkwardly try to unshape itself. Reshape it circularly if it gets jagged

Now on the part where you first wrapped the short end around the bunch, place the stone there. You can either hot glue it in place or strategically wrap the wire around it and secure it in place

Now wear it!

Watch the video: How to Make a Wrapped Wire Ring with a Round Bead

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