How to Make a Scrunch Bum Bikini

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Supplies... This bikini was $3.

Double thread your needle with the dental floss. I use an arm lengths piece of floss. Better too much then not enough. Knot the end.

Turn your bikini bottoms inside out. I keep the tag in still to help me keep track of the exact middle of the bikini.

Start by doing one simple hand stitch.

That's one hand stitch. Needle goes out and then right back in.

Tie your first hand stitch so that it's secure. This is the only time you have to tie your stitch until the very end.

Keep doing the simple hand stitch down the bikini bottoms. Try to make even spaces between stitches.

That's the right side of the bottoms so far.

You can stitch as low as you want. Little scrunch = not too low, mega scrunch= almost all the way to the lining. I like mine mega scrunched.

When your as low as you want, start scrunching the fabric up by pulling gently on the floss. Careful not to pull too hard and break the floss.

Scrunch it all the way up and tie a secure knot. Sorry, my pics upside down :-)

This is what it should look like.

This is what it should look like on. I put some leggings on for all the creepers out there :-0

Have fun at the beach, pool party , Cabo or wherever you show off your "new" bikini at ;-)

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