How to bake moist chocolate muffins

To bake the moist chocolate muffins, first preheat oven to 190 degree C (375 degree F). Place rack in the centre of oven.

Line a 24 muffin pan with muffin liners.

Measure all DRY ingredients.

In a large bowl, add all DRY ingredients except the chocolate chips.

Whisk and thoroughly mix the DRY ingredients.

Add in the chocolate chips.

Stir with a rubber spatula until the chocolate chips are mixed well into the flour mixture.

Measure all WET ingredients.

In a medium size bowl beat lightly the 2 large eggs.

Add in the buttermilk, vanilla extract and cooled melted butter. Mix well.

Then pour the WET into the DRY flour mixture.

Using a rubber spatula FOLD the WET into the DRY ingredients.

Stir only until the batter is JUST moistened and combined. Do not OVERMIX.

Using an ice cream scoop spoon the chocolate batter into the muffin cups.

Fill the muffin cups till full with the batter.

Bake in preheated oven for about 18 minutes or a toothpick inserted in centre of muffin comes out clean. They are baked when they are firm to the touch. Check for doneness towards end of baking.

Transfer the hot muffin pan when muffins are baked on to a rack and let cool 5 minutes.

Remove muffins from the pan to cool on rack.

This moist chocolate muffin looks so darkly elegant, especially in its matching dark brown muffin liner. Best taken warm, fresh from the oven.

And you're done! These muffins are so delicious, tasting of chocolate which comes from adding cocoa powder and chocolate chips. SO ENJOY!

Watch the video: Super Moist Chocolate Cupcake

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