How to make homemade sausage rolls

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Here are your ingredients

Pre-heat oven 180 degrees.

Finely cut onion.

Grate carrot.

Finely cut parsley.

Add 500g of sausage meat into a bowl

Add parsley

Add carrot

Add onion

Mix with hands, until combined.

Cut pastry sheets in half

Crack and whisk egg until golden

Paint egg yolk down one side of sheets.

Make a line of mince next to egg yolk.

Roll pastry over mixed meat to form a sausage tube.

Cut into small pieces.

Glaze with egg yolk.

Spray tray with cooking spray

Put sausage rolls on tray.

Put in over for 15 - 20 minutes (depending on wanted crispness) take out and they are ready to serve.


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