How to make healthy rolls for lunch

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Gather your fresh ingredients.

Slice your avocado in half, and remove the seed.

Peel the the skin off and slice your avocado into thin/medium slices.

Take two slices of your favorite lunch meat

And layer them like this. This gives you extra room when you roll, that way your rolls don't fall apart!!

Add cheese if you like. I use Boar's head jalapeño havarti to add a spicy kick to the rolls!!

Layer on your baby spinach!! Don't be stingy with your greens :D

Place a few pieces of avocado at the top of your roll.

Grab the end of the lunch meat and roll to the end.

TA DA!! And thats it!!

Then you package them in a container and eat them for lunch or as a snack throughout your day!!

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