How to make a customized bottle jar gift

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Gather your supplies

Cut out little strips of masking tape and write your recipient's name and their initials. Then paste them on the individual bottles.

Pick out the alphabets you are going to use and place them in a small container like this.

Pick out the specific alphabets you are going to use for your first bottle.

Bring out the chain. Arrange your charms and gauge where you want to put your individual charms.

If your jump rings are too big, Cut them into two with a wire cutter or by just simply twisting it until it snaps. But if they are small enough then there's no need.

'Hook' your jump ring onto your alphabet.

Hook the jump ring onto the end of the chain. Fasten it in place.

Take out your eyepin. I used a small on because I don't want it to protrude out of the cork later. Open it with pliers.

Hook that onto the end of your chain, where you have just hooked the jump ring. Fasten the eyepin.

Do the same for the rest of the alphabets (Steps 6-7).

Snap or open the chain finding right next to the last letter and separate it from the rest of the chain. (In this pic the last letter is M so the finding connecting it is the jump ring.)

Insert the eyepin onto the cork as far as you want. Make sure that it is secure.

Take out the decorative materials you are using for designing the inside of the bottle.

Arrange them in the bottle to your liking. I suggest you use a tweezer of sorts to arrange the materials.

You may add little beads if you wish.

Put on the cork and your little bottle of love is basically done!

You may add on to the design by tying a string to it.

The alphabets in the instructions may seem to keep changing but that's because I forgot to take pics here and there so don't mind me. Thanks.

The end products!! Do as many as you like!!


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