How to organize fancy tea party for little girls

We started to organize the table night before the party. I always do so if the gathering takes place early next day

Choose the dishes around the menu you created. For example: if guests will have berries with whipped cream they will need a nice bawl better then a plate and so

Fold the napkins (look at my guides to learn "how to fold lotus napkin". Looks like the table is ready

An hour before party start arranging the food in the serving platters

Kids love personalized things so I made placemates with names for each girl and this way you prevent any fighting over sits that may occur

I used colorful sugar crystals instead of regular sugar and placed it in a small containers near each tea cup

I enjoyed making little tea sandwiches (see my other guide for instructions)

Girls loved the berries

Get creative on decor. Think Renaissance and romance️

Tea pot is the center of attention so you better have a nice one

I made a very simple no fuss menu, that included tea sandwiches. I bought frozen premade soft pretzels and reheated in the oven, pizza pockets and little pancakes. Berries for freshness

Don't forget the dessert table. I decided to place it on a separate table. The idea is to eat food before grabbing sweets

Pen that also a fen lol. Something little to take home

Jewelry station

Girls enjoyed matching the jewelry to their dresses

Personalized coloring pages

Good work

My girl is very excited. It shows

I had older girls being "butlers" to the little girls. They all had fun

Berries with whipped cream. All asked for seconds

Bottoms up!

A total fun

Hula hoop

Touchable bubbles were a total hit

Bubbly backyard


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