How to draw a semi realistic eye

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This is how I draw a somewhat realistic eye. I am only 14, Im not an expert

2b drawing pencil I'm using.

Draw a lemon like shape lightly on your paper

Add your eyelids, these are just the base, we will be adding more detail later on.

Lightly draw the iris. You will most likely be tweaking it

Do NOT draw the iris all the way to the bottom eye lid- this small space is important!

Roughly draw the outline of pupil and leave a space for the sun or light "glare"

Blurry pic, sorry 😁 Get your extra black pencil

Fill in pupil- lightly first

Out line your Iris. This is the time to fix the shape if necessary.

Outline the top eye lid and were your lashes will be.

Draw little random "spots" It will look quite odd but This provides detail in the long run.

Fill it in with 2b drawing pencil

Don't worry or be discouraged if it looks kind of crappy, the pencil marks will be blended to look more uniform

Shade both eyelids and blend. I don't have any fancy blending tools so I just use my ring finger. Not very professional😁

Also shade the edge of the eyeball

When drawing lashes you want to make it as realistic as possible. DO NOT make lines sticking straight out.

This is a DRAMATIC representation 1. You don't want the lashes too long toward the beginning of the eye. 2. Straight lines are not lashes, lashes have angle and curve. 3. Lashes are not uniform.

It's important to start the bottom lashes on the edge. Does that make sense?

When you reach the beginning or end of the eye, make smaller strokes

The lashes will eventually be drawn on darker

More detail on the eyelids like promised

Lashes! It looks fake but they will get better, this is just base. You can tell a Few of the lashes don't have enough curve.

I did this to look at the shape of the pupil, which is all wacky😔. It's okay though, we can fix it a bit😌

I tried evening out the pupil, it looks a bit better. With a black marker I drew the lash reflection on the eyeball.

Darken everything a bit.

Tweak anything - still lopsided. Oh well

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Here is the black market I used- I would show you the brand but it rubbed off.

I hope my like it. Once again this MY way of drawing a eye. Please comment if you have questions!

*Me in hindsight* look at my second guide on how to draw an eye. This one is not my best..

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