How to hook up droid dna by htc to home stereo receiver

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The Music transmitter for Droid DNA by HTC is by far the easiest and least expensive way to connect your Droid DNA by HTC smartphone without the need of bluetooth or RCA / Aux jack.

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IMB aFM Music Transmitter from iPhone FM provides an easy plug and play solution for hooking up your Droid DNA by HTC phone to your old home entertainment center or stereo

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Make sure the IMB Music Transmitter is fully charged, then remove the transmitter from it's USB charger

Make sure your radio on your home entertainment center set at the preset or tune in at 87.9 FM matching the setting on the music transmitter.

FIXED preset setup that defeat unwanted radio signal instead of sharing and overcasting to an existing one to provides a CD quality sound without a hint of distortion, crackle or static noise.

Plug in the IMB Music Transmitter to your Droid DNA by HTC

Select the movie, game, podcast or Youtube video you wish to broadcast over to your home stereo

Adjust the volume on the Droid DNA by HTC phone to about 80 precent to get the optimal sound quality without distortion.

Adjust to get the desire volume on the home stereo to get the maximum transmission quality from the home stereo receiver or home entertainment center.

Now you can enjoy stereo or surround sound from your old entertainment center from your Droid DNA by HTC phone while walking around or sitting in front of your living room. That is Awesome!

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