How to make an egg taco

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Gather your ingredients

set your pan on a median high and butter up the pan. Then add you diced up ham and bell peppers

Cracked two eggs into the pan. And cut a small slit into the yoke using a knife

Use a shredder to shred your mozzarella cheese on top of the eggs

Like so!

Now squeeze lime over it. Don't squeeze all of it yet. Just a few drops

Now, it's flipping time! Make sure that the egg is somewhat cooked through so that no slits will happen

Like so!!

Now add your black pepper over the eggs, as needed. Also shedder more cheese on top of it and squeeze a few more drops of lime

Repeat the shredding and squeezing process on both of the sides when you flip the egg taco over

Now that looks good, all that is left is to...


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