How to make a pillow box into a mini bag with graphic 45

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Using an 8 x 8 Graphic 45 paper pad, cut out the pillow box template found on the back cover. I'm using the Twas the Night Before Christmas Collection for this tutorial.

Do not cut out the notched tabs that show for the pillow box. I've marked X's on the template to show you what not to cut.

Trace your template onto a sheet of Graphic 45 paper.

Score at all the appropriate lines. These will show as dashes verses solid lines on the main template.

Show a straight line along the bottom as shown. This is going to make the bottom flaps of your bag and have it sit level.

Using a bone folder score and fold all the lines. Be sure with the printed paper to lightly fold first and then press harder. This will help the paper not to break.

Using an oval punch, fold the bag over flat and punch. This makes a handle hole.

Using a strong liquid glue like Beacon's Zip Dry, glue the edge of the bag together using the tab edge.

Glue the bottom of the bag together. You'll have to tabs to fold over flat from your score earlier.

Using a pair of scissors trim any excess around the edges.

Sit the bag upright and squeeze so the bag expands as shown. Trace around the bottom of the bag to make a template of the base.

Add the cut out base to the inside of the baggie with glue. This will help the bag to be more stable and stay expanded.

This is an interior shot down into the bag with the base in place.

Here is the completed shell of the bag. Now the fun part, decorate it. Graphic 45 makes it easy with their coordinating stickers and chipboard.

Here is my mini gift bag all decorated and ready to brighten someone's day with a small trinket.

I made a matching easel card to coordinated with my mini bag. Want to see more pictures of my projects...head over to Graphic 45's blog.

My name is Lori Williams and I'm a design team member with Graphic 45. You can see more of my work on my blog www.pinkcloudscrappers.blogsp… or on Graphic 45's Blog

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