How to upcycle a paper coffee cup and sleeve

Cut your sleeve at the seem.

Trace your petal and circle template for two flowers, each with 5 petals.

Cut out the petals and circles.

Lay the flowers out to the side.

Fill the cup with about 1/3 of the rocks.

Add 1/2 cup sand/soil.

Add all but a few of the remaining rocks onto the sand.

Add the rest of the sand a few remaining rocks. Prepare flowers/plants.

Heat your hot glue gun.

While glue gun is heating, arrange your flowers/plants into the soil or sand. I'm choosing to use red silk flowers because they require no maintenance and look good for the holiday season!

It should look something like this. If nessissary, use some rocks to prop up the flowers/plants.

Now that your glue gun is heated, apply a small dot of glue to the smooth side of your cut out petal. Continue until all five petals form a circle. Then add one of your circles to cover the gap.

It should look something like this. Add another flower on the other side of your cup.

Congratulations! You've finished your holiday planter! Enjoy! (Side view, left)

(Front view)

(Side view, right)

(Top view)

Watch the video: How To Crochet Coffee Sleeves

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