How to check primary chain on royal enfield std 350

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Have the vehicle on center stand on a horizontal surface and then open the inspection hole.

Using a 18mm spanner or in some old models you can use a coin since they have a slot for easy opening

You will now have access to primary chain, insert a rod or screw driver to lift the primary chain to check tension.( Note do not put your finger in if the engine is running )

Insert a screw driver underneath the primary chain

Lift to check for at least 5-6mm or 1/4" slack

You can use a normal ruler which has both mm and inch measure ( Borrow the tool from your school goer ). 5 - 6mm or 1/4th of an inch is the slack recommended

If you decide to tighten the primary chain then remove this main bolt using a 18mm spanner rotating anti clockwise.

Now oil will start oozing out from the case. To get better access you can press the brake lever and lock it in that position

Unscrew brake lever stopper bolt to desired level

Remove or loosen the foot peg using a 14mm spanner

Now you will have more access to the primary chain cover.

Pop open the primary chain cover. Oil will flow down, collect the old oil in a tray.

You need to first loosen the locknut

Use a 11 mm spanner to loosen the lock nut

Use the same 11mm spanner to turn the bolt anti clockwise to increase tensioner height

Check for slack again. Adjust till satisfied

Put cover back and tighten the main nut. Inspect and decide on changing the gasket of the cover. Take care of the pin that slots thing together.

Use a funnel to pour oil

Pour any SAE 20W40 oil or use transmission fluid on non electric start motorcycles

Pour oil slowly

Until oil drips out of the drain plug at the bottom

Wait for excess oil to drip out

Plug the hole with the drainer bolt

Tighten using 11mm spanner or with screw driver

Close the inspection hole, do not forget the copper colored gasket

Tighten using 18 mm spanner

Tighten using 11 mm spanner or with screw driver

Put back foot peg and tighten the nut using 14mm spanner

Release the brake lever stopper screw and adjust as per your seating position and ergonomics.

Inspect all nuts and bolts for tightness. Wear a helmet go for a test ride and adjust vehicle as per riding style.

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