How to make a deer christmas card in watercolor

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Outline the deer shape with water A simple oval with ears (if wanted you can use a pencil for this)

Put your base colour around the edges of the deer head and outline the nose

Shade in with more of your base colour and leave a V shape at the top of the head

Outline eyes and nose with a black pencil or a fine brush I used a watercolour pencil

Add black to shade and contrast the painting to add more detial i used a zigzag motion with lots of water so it blended

Add some brown to the ears and over the black to add depth. And start the antlers dont worry if the antlers arnt the same. Overlap the blue base colour with brown

Create a neck shape with water and dab blue and black around the edges letting it seep

Colour background and if wanted decorate the antlers and write merry christmas the card is now done

Merry christmas everyone i hope this has helped 🌲🌲

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