How to make easy no-sew bandana pillows💠

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Get two bandanas. I ironed them but that is optional

Line them up on top of one another

Look at the two different lines on the bandana

Decide if you want to make a larger pillow or a smaller pillow. If you want to make a smaller pillow move on to step 12. If you want to make a larger one keep on going

Cut off squares at the corners all the way to line 2 if you want to make a large pillow with small tassels

Now cut the sides of the fabric on all sides into little strips about an inch wide

Tie all of the strips together but leave about 7 or 8 of the cut strips untied

you will stuff the pillow at the spot where you left the strips untied

After stuffing it, tie all of the strips that have not been tied

And ta da! You have a bandana pillow!!

Here's the other side

Now time for the smaller one. So line up the bandanas

And cut squares at the corners, cutting to line 1

Now cut all sides into little strips one inch wide

And tie all the strips together, but leave about 5 of the strips untied

Finish stuffing and tie any untied strips. Now wah la! You have a smaller bandana pillow!

Yayy!!! ️😻🙌💁️✨

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