How to create a cosmo-twist effect work with sorbet

Start with creating a new color. Mix Pixie sorbet and a little bit of Lagoon velvet. Try to mix it not so precisely.

Put some circle effect layers. Using thin palette knife.

Create differences between layers.Let it dry completely

Spray it randomly with colorations: Plush and Wild Orchid.

Mix Tink and Mint Julep.

Add more roundly layers. With the sorbet mix.

Let it dry...

More textures with Hurricane stencil and Black Leather Jacket velvet.

More textures with Kaleidoscope Stencil and Trolley Grey Sorbet.

And with Mardi Gras Sorbet. Put it between black textures.

And splashes with acrylic ink.

some close up's :)


and more ;)

And it's done! Made just for fun.

Watch the video: Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipe + SLOW-MOTION FLAMED ZEST!!

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