How to make a snowy pinecone place card holder

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Mix Snow-Tex and Glamour Dust on a paper plate. Add as much Glamour Dust as you want, depending how sparkly you want the pinecones.

Use a thin paint brush to apply the snow to the edges of the pinecone. Remember, it doesn't have to look perfect.

Sprinkle some more Glamour Dust directly all over the pinecone. (This step is up to you).

On a piece of card stock, write/print the names of your guests.

Place the card stock with your guest's name on the pinecone. If the card stock isn't staying put, use a glue gun to glue it to the pinecone.

If you have some pinecones left over, you can add them to your Christmas tree. I just used some twine, created a loop and glue gunned the twine to the pinecone.


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