How to make gingerbread house recipe holder

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These house come in 3 sizes I used the smallest one available.

Paint a nice coat of acrylic paint. I used burnt umber because I wanted it to look like gingerbread. Go back with a sponge and create texture with the paint.

While the paint is still tacky sprinkle on rock candy glitter or translucent so that it appears to look like sugar. Remove the excess and dry completely.

Doesn't that look yummy !

Make sure your modeling paste is the consistency of frosting... add water to it if necessary. Fill your bag and start piping your paste. Have fun with this. Allow to dry completely.

I laid my house on it's side because the paste had a tendency to run a bit as you can see the inside of my house. No worries, scrape it off and paint over it once dry.

Sorry for the blurriness of the photo, this is the top of the house.

Add some modeling paste to the base of the house and sprinkle seed beads. They look like sprinkles. The candy around the windows are ornaments for miniature Christmas trees. I sed E6000 glue for this

Once again the gumdrops on the roof and the gingerbread people were also ornaments for miniature Christmas trees purchased at the craft store.

Cut two chipboard pieces for your front and back covers.

Using a Snow Marker for the marshmellows. I really kept this album simple because I will be handling it while cooking.

Punch holes in your recipe cards and you can decorate them if you choose.

Be sure to add ribbons to your rings at the top of your recipe album.

And now it's all ready to fill with those yummy holiday favorites.

Wishing you Christmas filled with Sugar & Spice and everything nice... for more inspiration drop by my blog

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