How to create a quick & easy amazing christmas design

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Start with a container. Make sure that you pick one that is water tight. If not make sure there is a liner inside the container that will accommodate foam or water.

Notice that we picked a seasonally appropriate container, with a red color. Add foam to the container. Use Balsam or Fir to create a shape. In this case we are creating an oval shape.

Use some lilies as a focal area. If you want this design to be viewed on all sides, place several more lilies on the side away from the camera. (Be sure to remove the pollen.)

Add some carnations around the extremities of the arrangement. A few are also placed around the other side facing away from the camera.

A few red miniature carnations and white pompons help to fill in the design and give greater visual impact….

Add red roses as shown. Additional red roses can be placed on the other side of the arrangement…(or some white ones!) Nice!

Add some clusters of Holly Berries and perhaps some ornamental glass balls as a focal point.


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