How to build a small lego robot

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Hey, Lego nerdz. Today I have a easy robot dog thing for you.

Ok, let's get started. First the head. You'll want a 1x1 flat tile, a cheese slope, a stud, and a brick with studs on either side.

Ok, now the hind legs. You'll want 2 claws and a T piece.

Connect like so. Make sure the claws are near the edge for attachment to the body.

Finally, the body. You'll want 2 gun pieces (not the normal guns, the ones that are like a 90 degree angle), a brick with 4 studs on the sides, a 1x2 jumper plate, and a flat 1x1 tile.

Now to put it all together.

Legs go here...

Head here.

Now, what I did was add a round plate under the body as a little stability. It also puts the legs in a great standing position.

There you go, guys. A simple, little robot dog thing. See you guys later.

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