How to use powdered color to paint on a fondant cake

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The upcoming pictures of this project are from October 2015. Looking back, I was amazed at how many pictures were taken for this display.

These pics are from the inside of Linderman Library's rotunda, and the inspiration for this display cake. This cake would then be displayed at the opening of the 150th birthday celebration.

A pencil sketch of the inside of the stained glass rotunda was created to represent some of its most prominent details. Written colors were printed on the paper and a color palate was created.

Marshmallow treats were used to make most of this display. Using m treats allowed me to gain any shape I wanted, it's much lighter and sturdier than cake. This cake was going to be almost 5 feet tall

Lots of marshmallows!!

Melted marshmallows, butter and Rice Krispies ready for stirring. Making this batch several times, I used about 10 -12 cases of each marshmallows and Rice Krispies to build this total display,

There are no pictures of this mixture being pressed into cake pans to make the desired shapes. 10 & 12 inch round layers, as well as full sheet layers to achieve building on the bottom.

This is the middle section, it consisted of 4 -12 layers of rice Krispy "cakes". It's being frosted with butter cream and will draped with a rolled yellow fondant.

About an 8 pound piece of fondant was colored yellow and rolled out to more than 3 feet in diameter to cover this huge piece of cake.

Wrapped in yellow fondant, the middle section awaites to be decorated with its "birthday" theme.

18 Columns were made from gum paste and left to dry for a couple of weeks.

5 -10 inch layers of rice Krispy cake were used to create the library walls and a hand shaped top for the rotunda. This was then covered lightly in butter cream frosting and then fondant.

Because this pieces was so big, it took 2 pieces of fondant and 2 people to cover the fondant. Seams are visible but when completed the seams will be hidden by books, columns and scroll work.

A pencil sketch was drawn on the top of the rotunda. Because this was a display cake and nobody was going to eat it, it was ok to use pencil.

More line and reference points were placed.

The books and stained glass lines were created using piped black Royal icing. Royal icing is made up of; egg whites, powder sugar and a pinch of cream of tartar. This was left to dry for 24hrs.

After all the books were drawn, I wanted to see how the columns would look in there places. The base of this cake was wrapped in fondant and made to look like hardwood flooring like the library.

Powdered coloring or pigment and luster dust can be used to create a paint-like product. A small amount of coloring is dumped out into a shallow dish or saucer ...

Vodka or grain alcohol is used from a "squeeze" bottle. The alcohol is used instead of water because it evaporates quickly, leaving the pigment behind.

Squeeze a small amount (about 1-2 tbls) of vodka right next to the powdered pigment.

Working in small circular motions, pull the pigment with your brush into the vodka, until coloring starts to dissolve.

This part will take some practice, more pigment will yield a darker "paint" and adding more vodka will lighten the color. A good idea would be to practice on some scrap pieces of fondant or some paper

And now your are ready to paint. It's like painting with water colors. Stay in the lines. Be careful not to get to close to your lines, the wet brush could make the lines bleed.

Continue to fill in your artwork. I used several colors from the skylight in the rotunda and used those same colors for the books. I painted one color at a time, before moving to the next color.

These are the plates of colors that I used. If the colors begin to dry on your plate as you are using them, you can add more vodka to the color to keep them liquid.

Filling in all these colors on this size cake took me about 6 hours to do.

This is the completed top view of the library's skylight.

The columns are applied with yellow Royal icing as well as the scroll work. No lines or seams are visible.

This piece was to represent the library's rotunda with its beautiful stained glass skylight and it's three floors of balconied bookshelves.

On the top is the reverse view of the rotunda, then the birthday cake and base is the library. The library was chosen for it's unique architecture and major importance to the university's history.

Once completed, it was delivered across campus to its awaiting sesquicentennial party. It was carried by two people across the lawn to an open tent that would be filled with more than a 1000 guests...

It was probably the rainiest October that I could remember. Did I mention, it was still raining when I delivered the cake?Delivered completely under plastic. Delivered. Set. Success!!

Thank you for taking the time to view this guide. I enjoyed putting this guide together and proud that I can share it with everyone on Snapguide. Happy cake decorating! 🎂

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