How to make stars & poppies art journaling using art anthology

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Start off with clean ungessoed journal page.

Add Art Anthology's Ink Spot spray ink to your favorite Art Anthology Stencil. Make sure to cover all areas.

Then add Art Anthology's Concord spray with another Art Anthology stencil. I used a stencil that had smaller patterns than first stencil. Cover the whole journal pages with new stencil.

I also used sprayed part of stencil as a stamp in some areas.

Make sure to dry in between steps.

Add Art Anthology's Radar Spray in light s mists over first stencil and also use stencil as stamp in some areas.

Looks dark and grungy.

Now time for some Art Anthology's Sorbets in Honolulu and Pixie.

I used my finger to rub Art Anthology's Pixie Sorbet on the bottom of both Art Journal Pages about an inch high.

On the very top of your pages add Art Anthology's Honolulu about and inch high as well. I used my finger again but, you can use a brush.

Here is what it looked like after those 2 paints were applied. Make sure you dry.

Now time for some Art Anthology's Mud. I used my finger (again) but, you can use a brush.

I made petals for a flower with the Mud.

Repeat using the Mud. Feel free to add as many flowers as you like. Very important to allow the flowers to completely dry.

Did you let your flowers dry? Now time for Art Anthology's Gemstones in Amber.

With my finger I rub the Amber over the flowers. Make sure to vary your coverage to get different depths, it will make flower look more realistic.

Next I added Art Anthology Minx in Stargazer.

I squeezed and splattered Stargazer along the top of my pages.

Add some Art Anthology Minx in Immaculate, splatter a drip to your liking.

More stenciling using Art Anthology's Twilight Stencil & Art Anthology's Sorbet in Gold Digger.

Use a palette knife to add Gold Digger paint over Twilight stencil.

Using your favorite white pen, I use Pilot Signo, to outline your flowers & give them stems.

Here is a close up of how I drew mine.

I then outlined some stars and added a quote with my white pen. There you go! I hope you enjoyed!

Here is a close up of another version using a different color of Art Anyhology's Gemstone Paint.

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