How to create a reliquary with kim williams

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Remove hardware from the cigar box

Paint front and back black. Paint the interior in gold. Add a coat of white chalkboard paint and sand to reveal the black underneath. Apply your image with mid podge

Using a beater push out any bubbles behind the image. Carefully as to not distress the image. Using a piece of wax paper on top will help protect the image during this process.

Paint the relics with old white chalk paint

Finger paint the flaming heart and cherubs. You can use a pencil to darken the crevices of the relics a technique taught by Sandra Evertson!

Gild the Relics using autumn blaze mega flakes

Age the Dresden pieces by finger painting. Using gloves pick paint and run them through your fingers Glue the Relics in a pleasing pattern on the upper edge of the roof of the reliquary

Complete the base cut enough metal trim to fit around the base. Use gold and buff and run the trim through your fingers. Glue trim and feet. And glue the framed box to the base

Buff your finished pieces to reveal the gorgeous pattern

Run the buff through your gloved fingers

This is the result of all your hard work. To read about Kim Williams inspiration visit the Muse at

Watch the video: Chicagos Kim Williams while at DePaul University


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