How to make a banana split

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How to make a Banana Split!!!!!

Ingredients: Vanilla ice-cream (Homemade) 116g Fresh Banana from market Caramel sauce (Homemade) 80g of Macadamia nuts (crushed)

Materials: Bowl (any size) Ice-cream scooper/spoon, Knife for Banana, Spoon for eater

Justification choice Energy: 134.2g Nutrition: Dairy - which has a good source of Calcium Fruits - which holds Calcium, Fiber, Iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium.

Now follow the procedure!!!!

Firstly, grab all your ingredients and materials, then place them out in order.

Which should proceed to look like this. :)

It should end up looking like this, if you follow my way.

Should end up looking like this.

You have made a great banana split, here is my companion eating it with delight!

This is the final BANANA SPLIT! And thank you for watching!!!!!!!!

Watch the video: Spladle. Banana Split Wrestling 1

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