How to make a cactus couples costume

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Gather your supplies.

Cut pipe cleaners into 1 ½ inch pieces, fold in half and hot glue little prickers all over the sweatshirt. Fill in empty spaces with small pipe cleaner pieces.

Cut four sheets of tissue paper into a 8 x 5 inch rectangle then fold in an accordion pattern.

Use a pipe cleaner to wrap around the center of the tissue paper fold.

Pull up each layer of paper to create a flower.

Hot glue flowers to the right shoulder of the sweatshirt.

Cut a cactus shape out of cardboard.

Cover with green fabric.

Use pipe cleaners to add spikes to the cactus.

Use pink tissue paper to add a flower (it's all about the details, right?).

Attach onto a headband.


You'll be the sharpest looking couple at the party.

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