How to make smoked beef chuck roll sous vide

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Start with beef chuck roll roast that have been trimmed. (3-5# each)

Season roasts aggressively with kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. (or use your favorite bbq rub)

Cold smoke in the Alto-Shaam CTP Combi oven for 30 minutes.

Settings for Alto-Shaam CTP Combi Oven cold smoking.

Remove beef roasts from combi oven and chill in Alto-Shaam Quick Chiller.

Cryovac roasts

Pasteurize the cryovac roasts in Alto-Shaam CTP Combi Oven at 189F for 10 minutes.

Preheat Alto-Shaam Heated Holding Cabinet to 145F. Place cryovac beef roasts in cabinet for 48 hours.

Remove roasts from cryovac and slightly oil the roasts.

Grill when needed.

Finished roasts can be held hot until needed in an Alto-Shaam Heated Holding Cabinet.

Finished roasts come out super tender and juicy!

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