How to make jack skellington macarons

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Preheat the oven to 300F degrees, whip the egg whites in your mixer on high until they form soft peaks, then add in the sugar and continue to whip until they form stiff peaks (add gel food coloring)

Sift the powdered sugar & almond flour together (TWICE). Add this into the egg white/sugar mixture and began to fold this mixture. It took me about 50 folds until my macaron batter was smooth.

Pour batter into 16 inch piping bags. Begin to pipe out macarons on parchment paper or baking silicone mat.

After you've piped the cookies let them rest for about 45 minutes. Begin to bake each tray for about 14-16 minutes. I had to carefully watch them and rotate the tray in the oven every 6-7 minutes.

Google or print an image of Jack Skellington. Take your black Gourmet Writer Pen and begin to draw the image on your macarons (once they have cooled).

Add a filling to your cookies of your choice. I chose to use a Marshmallow Crème filling.



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