How to make a succulent terrarium

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Gather your supplies. You will need the following: An assortment of succulent plants, protective garden gloves, glass pot or container, and at least two kinds/colors of rocks.

First, put on protective gardening gloves. These will protect your hands from any pricks you may get from your succulents. They will also keep your hands clean from the soil and rocks you will touch.

Next, put about 3/4 one of your containers of rocks into the bottom of your glass container or pot.

Next, add your second container of rocks (different from the first) into your pot on top of the rocks you put in on step 2.

Next, space-plan for your terrarium. Place your succulents, still in their pots, next to your container. Move them around until you have a configuration that you like will fit in the glass container.

After you have space-planned, place one hand into the glass container.Move your hand in a circular motion, moving the rocks to form a little hold. This is where you will place your first succulent.

Next, pick up your first succulent and take it out of it's pot.

Place the succulent in the hole you have just made and move the rocks to even them out. You will need to make sure you have enough rocks surrounding the succulent to hold it upright.

Repeat steps 6-8 for the rest of your succulents. Make sure you have enough room for each. Your space-planning may have been off. In that case, rearrange according to the space you have remaining.

Add the rest of your first container of rocks to cover some of the soil from the succulents and add extra support for them.

Place in a sunny area. Succulents do not need much care, but most do need a decent amount of sunshine. Enjoy!

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