How to make a minni candleholder

gather your tools

measure piece of metal to 8cm x 8cm

cut off square

connect diagonal corners to eachother

find the centre where the two lines meet then make an indent

draw a circle around it

cut it out

file it to make it smooth

hammer it into a slight bowl shape

drill press a hole into the middle

get piece of flat bar and file ends

bend piece so there is a curve at one end

it should look like this

and like this

draw line from corner of un blended edge to where it meets diagonally with the this for both corners

then measure 1.5 cm in

drill press hole at centre where the lines meet

then bend that so it's into a light bend so it can stand

measure up all the holes you have made and ready a nail there

pop rivit all your components of the holder and then your finished :)

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