How to change a 4 wheeler tire.

Locate your jack. And put it under a safe spot on the vehicle.

Locate your 4-Way lug wrench and the correct size

Locate 2 of your jack stands.

With your lug wrench loosen your lugs.

Raise your 4 wheeler up slowly.

Raise it up until the tire is off the ground.

Put Jack stands under your a-arms safely.

Continue taking the lugs off until they are all off.

Put them in a safe location so you don't lose them.

Take tire off.

Put new tire on.

Hand tighten all of your lugs.

Take Jack stands out from underneath the a-arms.

Lower your Jack until it is free and remove it.

Using your lug wrench you will finish tightening the lugs until they make 2 squeaking noises each. Then you are all done.

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