How to make a brown paper bunny bag

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Gather supplies.

Outline bunny ears on brown bag...

Cut out.

Squirt a dab of hot glue on front of bag...

Evenly put the three pipe cleaners in hot glue for 'whiskers'.

Add another dab of hot glue on top of pipe cleaners...

Stick button on top, which will be the bunny nose.

Fold a pattern sheet of paper in half...

Outline an ear shape, (for inside ear)

Cut out and glue inside ear.

Draw eyes, mouth and tooth with sharpie.

Using hot glue, add a cotton ball on the back for tail.

Fold down sides and glue down. can staple some ribbon on sides for handle.

Watch the video: DIY bunny bag from paper. how to make paper bunny bag in easy way


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