How to the 10 best mother’s day gift ideas for your mom

For Mother’s Day, we teamed up with Studio Ink to show you how to treat your mom to show how much you appreciate her. We rounded up 10 of the best gifts you can get your mom on this special day!

No one can turn down a homemade loaf of bread fresh from the oven. Sign yourself and your mom up for a bread making class as a fun and educational weekend activity.

A bread making class is especially great because you get to eat what you make. I did say this was the *best* Mother’s Day gift guide, did I not?

Some of the best gifts you can give are your words. Write out all the reasons you love your mom in a card you picked out specifically for her.

Studio Ink has an awesome collection of funny, cheeky, and authentic cards that definitely sum up the many reasons to celebrate moms:

Mother’s Day is not about practicality! Treat your mom with some beautiful kitchen gadgets that will add more whimsy and fun to her day.

Brunch is a total staple of Mother’s Day. If you normally do pancakes and waffles, change this tradition up by doing a dim sum brunch.

Take a day to do chores that your mom normally does, or that she's been meaning to do. Moms work 24/7 on the reg, let’s give them a little break for a change.

Some chocolate stores offer tasting tours to the public + if there’s one near you, you should definitely take advantage. If not, see if there are any wine tasting or cheese tasting tours around you.

If your mom prefers to stay in on Mother’s Day, set up a home spa for her to chill out and relax. Draw a bubble bath with candles and bath salts and set out magazines and fluffy slippers.

To go above and beyond, DIY your own Bath Bombs for an extra luxurious touch:

Plant a cactus or succulent in a pretty planter so your mom can add a touch of nature at the office or home. If you’re crafty, DIY some elegant cement + gold planters:

Moms definitely deserved to be treated for more than one day a year. Print out this free coupon book to stuff in your Mother’s Day card as a promise for more fun to come.

Write a coupon for a hike together, or sky diving lessons, a movie night, or breakfast in bed. The best part is that you can customize the coupons to her personality!

While you should definitely shower your mom with gifts on Mother’s Day, it’s also important to remember that the one thing you mom may really want is to just talk to you.

Take the day to slow down, make some tea and ask your mom questions. There’s probably a lot you don’t know about who your mom was before she had you.

You’re on your way to making Mom’s day! Make sure to check out the full post for the 10 best Mother’s day gift ideas for your mom:


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